Statewide Workforce Development Program

Talent Development Center, Talent Networks and Degreed Apprenticeship Program

Talent Development Center (TDC):

NJ Construction and Utilities Talent Development Center (CUTDC)
Through a competitive selection process, NJIT's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) has been awarded the one year, $1.2 million Construction and Utilities Talent Development Center (TDC). Designed to create new career pathways for prospective workers in the Construction and Utilities industry, the CUTDC funds industry-valued education and training for dislocated and disadvantaged job seekers and incumbent employees to develop skills and key credentials leading to employment and career advancement in this industry sector.

Talent Networks:

NJIT's CPE was awarded two of New Jersey's ten Talent Networks (TNs) in 2018. This recognizes the long history of CPE’s collaboration with companies, NJ's 2- and 4-year institutions of higher education, traditional and career/technical education high schools, and NJ's workforce system.

Talent Networks under CPE stewardship are:

Construction and Utilities
NJ Construction and Utilities Talent Network (CUTN-N)
The Construction and Utilities Talent Network – North (CUTN-N) develops high-quality, employer-driven partnerships within the construction and utilities industry in order to identify common skill gaps and workforce needs, facilitate the development of a workforce plan, and create a strategy for competing at the regional, national, and global levels.  
CUTN-N, co-led by New Jersey Institute of Technology and Raritan Valley Community College in the northern part of the state and Rowan University in the southern part of the state, connects to businesses, educational institutions, workforce organizations, training groups, and community- and faith-based organizations to gather ground-level intelligence on the industry to make informed decisions on high-quality public workforce investments. CUTN-N expands the number of New Jersey residents with industry-valued credentials or degrees.
Contact information:

Juan Gonzalez, CUTN-N Co-Director
973-596-3464 (o), 908-338-0679 (m)

Annamaria C. Lalevee, CUTN-N Co-Director
908-526-1200 x8278

NJ Technology Advisory Network (NJ-TAN)
Technology Advisory Network (TAN), formerly Technology Talent Network, provides proactive technical consultancy and support to all New Jersey Talent Network Directors as they form alliances among companies called Targeted Industry Partnerships (TIPS). TAN ensures that all other Talent Network Directors are current on technology trends and innovation appropriate for and immediately relevant to the companies they serve. Monthly industry-specific Tech Briefs are researched and distributed to Talent Network Directors and others to empower them to better assist the companies in their TIPS.
Contact information:

Beth Kujan, PhD, Co-Director
973-596-5886 (o), 973-902-2546 (c)

Randee Jennings, Co-Director
973-596-5423 (o), 561-358-6006 (c) 

Degreed Apprenticeship Program
Advanced Manufacturing - M-RIM℠

MechaFORCE: Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIM℠) is a degreed internship/apprenticeship program that uses the ‘earn while you learn’ model and works with employers to place and prepare high school, college, and adult learners for high wage, high demand occupations while seeking Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees on a part-time basis along with other industry-valued credentials. M-RIM℠ provides NJ manufacturers with a steady stream of appropriately trained workers, who begin as Registered Interns in specific manufacturing occupations, and charts out a clear career and educational advancement pathway.

Ray Vaccari, Project Manager
973-596-3065 (o), 908-461-4972 (c)