Grant Opportunities

Government Funded Training

Funding opportunities are available to organizations interested in customized employee training programs. New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development allocates millions of dollars in training grants every year for organizations who wish to keep employees up to date on the skills and technologies necessary to be more effective in their positions. Grant money is also available for organizations who wish to hire and train new employees’ fundamental to business growth.

As a state university, NJIT has fostered a unique relationship with New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) that has allowed us to assist many organizations in receiving state funds for employee training. This service is unique to CPE and is available to any company in the state of New Jersey.


How to apply for a grant?


It’s simple.  Let us know you are interested.

Our staff is well versed in grant writing and will provide continuous support at no cost through the entire application process helping you receive a customized training program that works best for you and your employees.

What to expect from our team:

  • Full assessment of your organization's training needs and estimated costs
  • Completed of pre-qualification form
  • Creation and submission of the grant application
  • Grant administration
  • Fully customized training program(s) taught by the industry best experts 


Apply For A Grant