Talent Networks

New Jersey Talent Networks

​Through a competitive selection process, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) has been awarded three of New Jersey's seven Talent Networks (TNs). CPE's success in this recognizes the long history of collaboration with companies, NJ's 2- and 4-year institutions of higher education, traditional and career/technical education high schools, and NJ's workforce system.

Talent Networks under CPE stewardship are:


Advanced Manufacturing

ManufactureNJ (M-NJ)

ManufactureNJ brings New Jersey’s advanced manufacturing companies together with educational and public workforce organizations so workers can improve skills and manufacturers can get and grow the skilled workers they need when they need them.

Two companion programs have evolved from M-NJ:

  • Dream it. Do it. (DIDI-NJ) assists young students by educating teachers, guidance counselors and parents on today’s manufacturing careers and the paths necessary to achieve them.
  • MechaFORCE: Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIM) provides NJ manufacturers with a steady stream of appropriately trained workers, who begin as Registered Interns in specific manufacturing occupations, and charts out a clear career and educational advancement pathway.


NJ Technology Talent Network (NJ-TTN)

Technology Talent Network (TTN) provides proactive technical consultancy and support to Talent Network Directors as they form alliances among companies called Targeted Industry Partnerships and host one day Industry Summits. TTN ensures that all other Talent Network Directors are current on technology trends and innovation appropriate for and immediately relevant to the companies they serve. 


Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

New Jersey’s Transportation, Logistics and Distribution (TLD)

Builds partnerships to develop and support TLD in the Garden State and formulate strategies for competing at the regional, national, and global levels.

About Talent Networks

Talent Networks were created to focus on New Jersey’s key industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Financial Services, Health Care, Life Sciences, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism, Technology, and Transportation, Logistics & Distribution. These networks are comprised of industry experts, led by universities and business organizations, and have partnered with employers, educational institutions, and workforce organizations to provide assistance to students and job seekers.

Each Talent Network is funded by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development to develop effective workforce and education programs under the guidance of industry specific employers to identify common skill gaps, workforce needs, abilities, and credentials that are in demand.